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Mapping our journey…

There are so many amazing people we have met along this journey so far… and many that we have yet to talk about.  This changing hotel thing every night is proving to be pretty difficult in order to try and set up my make-shift office.  I am still working on the logistics of that, and a trip to the Apple store is going to fix many of those problems, so until that happens I am going to be posting iPhone pics and other fun things.  (Oh, just in case you are an Apple lover, don’t get too excited for me about what I might be buying- it’s just totally unfun adapters and cables.  Boo.)

Sam had been working on a map of where we have been in the country thus far.  Well, here is our first map.  There will most certainly be more to come and in fact, by the time you read this, this will most likely be out dated.  Tonight we are headed to Knoxville, TN.  (We think.) I know almost nothing of Knoxville, but I am about to get a little lesson! 


Today we will be heading over to what we have been told is an adorable little city called Franklin, TN.  We have some friends that live there, some friends that used to live there and several people who have told us to go check it out.  So, we will head over and check out the Memorial Day parade.  We are certainly looking forward to it!  We have had an absolutely wonderful time in Nashville, TN and I will talk more about that another time.



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