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I didn’t think I was… but I am.

I never really thought I was all that spontaneous, but I have realized that I am.  Life is so short and I don’t know if tomorrow will even happen so I try to live every day like it could be my last.  I don’t throw all caution to the wind and get all crazy or anything- at least I don’t think I do- but if I can go for an opportunity, I try to take it.  Life is good to me and I want to be good back.  I want to give everything I can to my kids and my amazing husband.  I don’t always do such a great job, but I try and that’s all I can do.

Last week, we got the opportunity to take a hop (a military flight) over to Germany to visit my darlin’.  It was a long shot, but I decided that we would give it a go and if we didn’t get on the plane, we would at least get to have a cool road trip and visit some friends and family.  After a ton of time spend waiting… and waiting… and waiting… we caught a flight.

Yes, we are in Germany for a few weeks.  I am so thankful to have had the opening in our schedules that this actually worked out!  I knew the timing was important because if we didn’t get out when we did, it wasn’t going to happen because of work, school, etc… so- off we drove to New Jersey and now here we are in Germany.  (I didn’t know we would be driving to Jersey until I was in Deleware.)  


So, many great wishes for a happy week ahead and please enjoy it… every second of it!

And……..because I threw caution to the wind took a last minute excursion, I didn’t happen to realize that I didn’t have all my ducks in a row in order to post images properly, so excuse the obtrusive logo on our images for now.  I’ll fix that problem, but for now, I think I’ll head off to have a German beer and enjoy some time with my family.  (Don’t worry I’m not having yummy German beer for breakfast, although that might not be a terrible idea.  You may be reading this in the am, but if you are EST I am 6 hours ahead of you and PST is 9 hours ahead.  I’ve probably already had 5-6 espresso shots and taken a nap, shopped, taken a hundred photographs, had another espresso shot and am relaxing before dinner!)




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