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Happy 11th Anniversary!

Sam and I are celebrating our 11th Anniversary!

I thank God daily for this man that I call my husband.  I don’t know anyone else on earth who could deal with me and I with him for that matter… at least that is what he tells me!  I’m glad our feelings are mutual! 

  I think back to what it was like 11 years ago- how young we were.  Perhaps naive in a sense.  We didn’t know what life would be like as a married couple.  To be a family.  To know what it means to come home to someone and share your world with them.  We are beginning to understand that.  It’s been 11 years, but we still feel like we are trying to figure one another out in some ways and it is amazing.

I couldn’t have imagined- EVER!- that Sam and I would be in business together and raising our children home together.  It is the biggest blessing we have ever received.

I thank the Lord for giving me this man.  The man that brings a little more fun to my seriousness, who cooks and cleans because I hate to and who let’s me throw temper tantrums when I don’t get my way.  (That’s true- I really do… I don’t usually lay on the floor and cry, but I come pretty close… I have been known to stomp my feet a time or two.)

I almost just said, that I can’t wait to see what our future holds, but I take that back.  I can wait.  I can wait for the future because I am really enjoying today and being in this moment with him.  Life passes us by so fast… I’ll just choose to take this thing called life one day at a time!

Happy 11th Anniversary, Husband!

(I had this drawing made for us at around Christmas time.  I hired someone to make cartoons of us and this is what they came up with.  How cool is THAT?!  We love it!)



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