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Cute Sheep, Baaaaad Timing!

Sheep at the shoot and a lesson learned…

I facebooked about this last night and didn’t realize that it sounded so interesting, so I thought I would share the story with everyone.

I had a session with a wonderful family at Auburn Ravine Park in Lincoln, CA. I do a lot of sessions at this park and have my favorite little gem’s hidden throughout the park. Well, little did I know that there have been some visitors there. I haven’t been to that particular park in a few weeks and I guess these cute little guys were brought in to eat up some of the roughage. They were cute, but took over some of my favorite areas! I think perhaps the lesson learned is that if I haven’t been to one of my locations for a little while, do do a drive-by!

On a positive note- it didn’t really matter because we had a ton of other great places to choose from AND today I get to take my children to the park to see the sheep!

**Addendum 27Aug09- Why didn’t anyone point out to me that they are GOATS?!!!!!!! I do know the dif between goats and sheet, don’t ask why. (Thanks Sam- always got my back!)

***Addendum #2- 04Sept09- Hung out with the farmer for these little furry friends and there are GOATS AND SHEEP! Done with conversation!


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